Weather Tips for Dogs.

Weather changes affect us all, even our fur-encased dogs. You might think that that nice warm coat of fur is sufficient to keep the chill off, but it really is not. Add in the overall atmospheric changes, the storms, and of course: the ice and snow, and your dog has a lot to deal with, especially if he's more often outside than in!

Follow these guidelines for making your dog's winter as comfortable and warm as yours is.

Grooming Tips

Having a shiny coat isn't just about beauty. A shiny coat is the result of your dog being healthy. And we all want a healthy dog, right? Read on to learn the top tricks of giving your dog a shiny coat.

A Shiny Coat Starts with Nutrition

Feed your dog a high quality dog food. Often generic dog foods use cheaper ingredients which may not always be great for your dog. Remember to compare ingredients, and when in doubt, consult your vet. Also, limit the amount of treats your canine receives.

Make a Habit of Checking your Dog's Fur

Not only can bugs and fleas interfere with a healthy coat, they can be a health problem for your canine. Make a habit of checking your dog's fur weekly.

Consider the Benefits of Conditioner

Yes, conditioner for your dog! Some people think it sounds strange, but it can work wonders.

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