An eminent organization, we are manufacturing and supplying high quality stainless steel products that are commonly used as kitchen ware and pet ware items. Our range of products are made of fine quality steel that is procured from reliable sources. Each item that we offer stands for quality and utility.


Standard Feeding Bowl
Standard feeding bowl are designed for regular meal of your pet .
Non Skid Bowls
It is worth noticeable that your pet loves his feeding bowl.
Belly Non Skid Bowls
It is worth noticeable that your pet loves his feeding bowl.
Pyramid Non Skid Bowls
Thus we are bringing up a huge collection of Non Skid Bowls for you.
Non Tip Cocker Bowls
Designed for long-eared breeds, these non skid bowls are narrower at the top so long ears won't get in food or water.
Double Dinner Bowls
These bowls are available in different form like two separate bowl in one stand or two separate slots in one tray etc.
Birds Coop Cups
Caring for a bird is quite an intricate task. If you own such birds which live outside the cage, there are many options for you.
Puppy Flying Saucer
Specializing in the manufacture of different types of pet products, we are offering well-fabricated puppy flying saucer with perfect finish.
Puppy Dish & Cat Dish
Puppies are usually very possessive for their dishes. In fact they love to walk and sleep in them .
Adjustable Double Dinner
Choose some splendid piece of utensils for your lovable pets to quench their thirst and hunger..
Anti Skid Coloured Detachable Bowls
The special features that have made these detachable bowls a preferable choice are its long lasting quality and easy-to-clean characteristic.
Steel Buckets were the hot favorite among the buyers due to many reasons. Steel pails are resistant to rust, scratches and cracks and breaks.
Treat Jars
Presenting the complete range of Treat Jars made up from stainless steel that are perfect for storing your pet's food.
Pet feeding session becomes messy, at times. Some pets spill their food, while half of the food is spilled during serving.
Regular Heavy Duty Feeding Bowls
To satisfactorily cater to the varying demands of our customers, we are manufacturing a wide range of heavy duty feeding bowls for regular use.
Food Carrier & Display Racks
This product is very useful when it comes to travel with your pets or even storing food at home. it is very easy to store them or even if you want to carry them with you.