Pet feeding session becomes messy, at times. Some pets spill their food, while half of the food is spilled during serving. Also, serving with hand is very unhygienic. If your pet cannot understand, at least you should take precautions and avoid such activities. Use a scoop for serving him food with clean and non-messy way. You can use Scoops completely made up from metal or completely made of non-metal like plastic.

There is one more option of buying a steel scoop with different design that adds décor to your home. Scoops are not used for only serving food; they serve another important purpose, which is cleaning up the litter of your pet. These scoops are usually made up steel as they are supposed to get free from germs easily as soon they are washed. Plastic scoops are more prone to germ accumulation and start stinking very soon.

These litter Scoops are made up of A-grade steel completely. You can make selection according to your need and want.

We manufacture and export a variety of scoops with different shapes and designs as per the need of the client.
If you have any particular design we can develop the same for you as per your requirement.
Product code : SKI 1092